Vijayawada M.G. Road

In 2008, Chandana laid its footprints in every region of Andhra Pradesh with the outset of Vijayawada M.G road. Mr. Raju is in fellowship with Vijayawada M G Road branch for 14 years now. This branch is yet again a complete store of clothing and gold jewelry. The place is a shopping spree for all the customers who are looking for best quality of Gold jewelery. Whatever you wear, be it Indian, traditional or western attire we can assist with all the possible kinds of gold jewelery and are just a call away.


In 1988, Chandana Brothers knew no bounds and expanded their business with the inauguration of Kurnool branch. Both the pivotal products are catered here to all our customers. Mr. Prasad takes great pride in this branch and is affiliated with the branch since 15 years. We are here to enchant you with our amazing collection. Kurnool is another shopping zone which is famous for Jewelry.


Chandana brothers were constantly reaching new horizons, and further diversified their business in the region Guntur in the year 1994. The gold jewelry and every type of attire is what we majorly deal with here. Mr. Koteswara Rao is cooperatively working with the organization for 13 years. The place furnishes every kind of clothing plus gold Jewelery for every occasion. Chandana brothers also facilitate gift vouchers worth Rs. 1000, 2000, 3000 and Rs. 5000 to make your near and dear ones happy by giving the best gift. It also makes shopping fun rather than tiresome.


Chandana Brother expanded their horizon with the formulation of Vijayawada Lenin Center in 1992. We cater with our extensive collection of both Gold Jewelry and all kind s of clothing. Our brother Mr. Harish is looking after the branch from last 32 years, and Mr. Kedarish heads the branch. The popularity of the precious yellow metal Gold is that the residents buy it not only as a piece of ornament but also for temple jewelry. Further, the gold here is a traditional investment and is purchased widespread during weddings and festivals.


In 2000, Chandana Brothers further diversified its reach by launching another branch in Eluru. Mr. Kedarish takes care of this branch along with Mr. Jagdish who is in alliance for past 26 years. Herein, both Apparels and Gold Jewelry are its core products. The residents of Eluru are gold lovers and also strongly adore draped in both Indian as well as western clothing. Therefore, this location also became favorable for our enterprise.


After the successful foundation of Vizianagram, Amalapuram was setup in the year 1999. The branch is administered by Mr. Kedarish. The branch is also enjoying the affiliation of Mr. Sridhar since 25 years. This branch caters both Apparels and Gold Jewelry. Amalapuram is a crowd pleasing village due to its numerous clothing stores, jewelery showrooms, and renowned brands make it a shopping destination for both males and females.


Chandana Brothers situated in Vizianagaram was established in the year 1988. The branch is under the supervision of Mr. Kedarish and Mr. Bhaskar is associated with the organization from last eight years. It is a full-fledged outlet with dealings purely in clothing. The place is one of the principal centers of commerce and education and has added advantage of fastest growing town and hence is most updated with the modern lifestyle and culture. The strategic significance of the place makes it very favorable for our industry.