Chandana Mohana Rao is the one who along with his brother initiated the whole idea behind the Chandana Brothers. He is the lifetime chairperson and the lifeline behind the Chandana Brothers. We would love to tell you that it is his hard work which has shaped the group a household name in the state Andhra Pradesh. The group is well known for its super- eminent quality of clothing that too at fair pricing.

Mr. Mohana Rao was neither blessed with business history nor with a silver spoon in his mouth. He turned night into days and climbed the pinnacle of success with his endeavor and hard won battle. Mr. Rao is recognized as lively, hard-working, humble, and down to earth personality. He has unparalleled nature because being an owner himself; he doesn’t believe in sitting behind the glass for his customers and acts as a role model for the present generations with good leadership qualities.

It is his never ending efforts which paid off, and presently Chandana Brother is a big brand in the textile industry with 25 showrooms in the state. These are located at Rajahmundry, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Guntur, Nellore, Bhimavaram, Tadepalligudem, Kakinada, Tirupati, Vizianagaram, and many more. The group has further expanded into the business of gold and horticulture.

Chandana Kedarish

Managing Director

Chandana Kedarish is the younger brother of Mr. Mohana Rao. He commenced his work in Chandana brothers by looking after the operation in Andhra Pradesh Vijayawada region along with Mr. Jagdeesh. He believes in no compromise in quality and still suiting the price range of every customer. He has a charismatic persona, excellent mentorship skills, creative mind, polite and beliefs in the pragmatic approach.

He also possesses impressive marketing skills which help in quick convincing of the customers, doesn’t give a second thought for showcasing the products to the customers. He also ensures that he makes other sales executive learn his tactics of converting the potential customers into their existing consumers.

He has success mantras like keeping the higher volume of sales and low-profit margins. The high volume differentiates it from its competitors and gives extra edge in profits. Even more, he doesn’t prohibit the entering of poor people inside the premises. He is looking after various branches in Andhra Pradesh located at Amalapuram, Vijayanagaram, Vijayawada, Guntur, Eluru, and Kurnool. He believes in word of mouth publicity and is the key which helps them to bring more and more customers.

He has a keen interest towards Agriculture, and therefore he did farming in traditional methods and was earlier into the agricultural business like palm oil and other Agro products. He has faith in natural farming and zero budget farming is his objective. Other passion of business includes Jewellery, Nursery, Multiplexes, Real Estate, serving broad categories of consumer products and services across Andhra Pradesh etcetera. He also spends abundant resources on imparting life skills, improving health services in the society, formal education, etc.

Chandana Mohana Rao

Managing Director

Mr. Chandana Mohana Rao is the second generation of Chandana Brothers. He is the son of Mr. Kedarish. What is the most exciting about Chandana Mohana Rao, is that Mr. Kedarish is so closely attached to his brother Mohana Rao that he named his son also the same, i.e., Chandana Mohana Rao. Another incredible fact about Mr. Chandana Mohana Rao is that he is working as the director and takes care of all the operations in the Chandana Brothers. He considers his father as the role model in Agriculture, Jewelry and Textile industry. Henceforth, following his footprints is taking a step forward the legacy of the brand.

He believes that the breadwinners are the most important assets for the organization’s prosperity and future. Therefore, he neither leaves any chance of interaction with the employees nor surrounds himself with bars when he has to communicate with them. He further expanded his horizon by establishing new firms and contributing towards employability. His work is commendable and instrumental in helping Chandana Brothers to reach new heights.