Chandana Brothers got instituted in the year 1985 in the Vizag Jagadamba center. How did it come into existence? In the early years of 19th Century, Chandana Mohana Rao and Mr. Jagadeesh used to work in a small firm. After working for many years, they thought of setting up their own business. So, the two brothers laid the foundation of Ramachandra Textiles in 1972. The Ramachandra textile was started for the wholesale business in Rajahmaundry East Godavari district. Later on, they diversified the business and stepped into Retail business with “Chandana Kanchi sarees” in Rajahmaundry in the year 1981.

In the later years all the five brother that is Chandana Mohana Rao, Chandana Jagadeesh, Chandana Ramesh, Chandana Kedarish, and Late Chandana Harish conjoined together and established Chandana Brothers. They majorly deal in textiles, sarees and Gold Jewelry.

Their region of territory was not only confined to Andhra, but they also spread their branches in Telangana region. From here they started spreading out in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Guntur, Nellore, Bhimavaram, Tadepalligudem, Kakinada, Tirupati, and Vizianagaram and so on. As on date, they possess 25 branches and 3500 members.